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8 Pocket Square Styles for Every Occasion

They’re the perfect accent to finish off a smart suit, giving it a final pop of colour or a extra jazzy flourish.

And if you’re looking for ways to mix up your suit with a pocket square, there are various different ways that you can do this.

To see some of our suits and pocket squares, and get ideas of your own, browse our portfolio.

And in the meantime, here are 8 pocket square styles to give your smart look that extra head-turning flair…

1: Spill Out

Typical pocket square styles will see men tuck the square neatly into their breast pocket, leaving the top of it to poke out, providing a neat triangular accent.

But there’s no reason you can’t buck that trend and wear your pocket square in a more daring fashion. By allowing the pocket square to look a little untidy, you’re not only creating a style statement, you’re also providing even more opportunity to turn heads.

Leave your square tucked loosely into your pocket and let it spill out over the top, a little haphazardly. This gives the look a little more of a casual feel and if it’s a colourful square will be even more eye-catching.

2: The Perfect Triangle

The opposite of the haphazard look is to keep things traditional and uniformed – which is still a classic way of wearing your pocket square.

Fold the square in the traditional way and tuck it nearly into the pocket so that it peeps out of the top in a uniformed triangular shape.

This may be one of the most well-worn pocket square styles, but sometimes you can’t beat classic style.

3: Color Clash

Suits generally come in neutral colors: Black, stone grey, beige or navy for example. So this is the perfect opportunity to use your pocket square to inject something bold into an otherwise mundane look.

Go for a really vibrant tone when choosing your pocket square. If your suit is a dark color, offset it with a bright orange, a neon pink or an electric blue.

If you’re wearing a light suit, it’s likely to be a white shade or a light grey or beige. Still go for pocket square styles that add that punch of color, even if you’re clashing a lighter suit with a brighter shade of square.

White with a lime green, believe it or not, looks outstanding.

4: The Tie’s the Limit

While women can add a variety of jaunty flourishes to their smart outfits in order to jazz things up, men have to work with a more limited array of accessories.

However, pocket squares, matched with ties, bow-ties, cravats and even cufflinks, can create a truly head-turning sartorial effect.

Think about the pocket square styles you’re looking to go for and see how you can team it with other accessories.

Perhaps you’d like to match it with your tie – in terms of the colors or the corresponding patterns. Or, go bolder and offset them from one another, creating two separate statements.

A bright red tie with a golden yellow pocket square, worn against a black neutral suit can be very striking, for example.

5: Peddle to the Metal

Speaking of cufflinks, there are an array of metallic accessories that you can team up with certain pocket square styles too.

Invest in cufflinks that feature a similar pop of color to your square. Perhaps you have a lilac square that you can find silver cufflinks to match them with that feature a mauve detailing or stone in them.

Similarly, tie clips or breastpins might work well here too, if you can find one to compliment your pocket square. A stud pin, placed in the centre of the pocket square, is a unique way of making a statement.

6: Colour Co-ordinate

While you can create a pop of contrasting color by adding a bright pocket square to your look, don’t shy away from the idea of going for just one color overall.

An incredibly stylish way of dressing a suit is to match the tie, shirt and pocket square all in one colour. A grey suit with a cream shirt, tie, and square can be incredibly fetching, for example.

Or go really bold and match everything in just one colour. If you’re wearing a neutral navy suit, create one big block of color with a navy shirt, pocket square and tie as well.

7: Patterns

As well as an opportunity to install color into a suit, pocket squares, like ties, provide the chance to get creative with a pattern, giving men the chance to inject some fun into their smarter ensemble.

If you’re going to a traditional event, go for stripes or a damask design with the pocket square, keeping things classic yet individual.

Perhaps the event is a little more informal – find a square with polka dots, swirls or zigzags on it.

If the event requires a jacket but is far edgier, find a square with a statement logo on it, to add something even more unique.

8: Unsuited

Pocket squares can be used for occasions that don’t require suits too, of course. If you’ve invested in some squares for smarter occasions, there’s nothing to say you can’t use these in other outfits as well.

A standard silk pocket square can be folded to give you a small scarf-like accessory to wear around your neck or your wrist. But as they are mostly used in pockets, wear your square in an altogether different place on the body – tucked into the back pocket of jeans or slacks for example.

A Variety of Pocket Square Styles

Our range of suits and accessories are ripe for the plucking, giving you the opportunity to mix and match, creating the sophisticated look that’s right for you.

Head on over to our portfolio to browse our full range. And be sure to get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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